– About Us –

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Welcome to Elevated Innovation Lab! Our purpose is to inspire unity through elevating people and organizations in overcoming life challenges with new technology innovations. Our vision is to provide mentored support to inventors and entrepreneurs in the process of concept development, project funding, development, testing, proof-of-concept, and launch. To fulfill our purpose and vision, we offer member benefits to participants who want to be engaged in the innovation process whether as an innovator, a consumer, or as an investor.


Elevated Innovation Labs started as a result of inventors seeking support for their disruptive projects without giving away their business idea. Instead we incubate innovations by engaging audiences in educating appropriate government leaders, obtaining research grants for development and testing, and seeking federal and state government purchasing opportunities while using technology tools to engage audiences.



– Services –

Our services are segmented into three primary areas:

  • Community Innovation Lab: We provide a supportive roll for community members who want to participate in our engaging process in building community-driven technology solutions;
  • Government Innovation Lab: We engage in government technology solutions for multiple departments and agencies within national and state governments;
  • Innovation Consulting: We consult with government, charitable institutions, and businesses in the areas of support systems (coping skills, object and virtual resources, and relationship depth) for leader(ship) development, change management, sustainability, poverty alleviation, humanitarian response, economic development, and economic prosperity.

– Current Projects –

Our current projects include:


A social network that is project and learning-oriented for the purpose of enhancing coping skills, resource management, and relationship depth with customizable access-points designed to support audience participants. The Social-EIL consists of a personal/professional relationship profile, a learning/teaching project-oriented management system with curriculum design features, a technology marketplace for e-mentored skills development, and an academic research and publishing portal in developing and promoting leader(ship) development, human capital development, and decision management within Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in response to family, business, institutional, and government support system needs.


A digital economic system on blockchain technology depository bank with FDIC insurance that utilizes multiple asset-classes and social and economic indicators with a focus on equity and production support to the debt and consumption basis of national economic systems operating within a tax-deferred environment. While the system allows for a hybrid centralized/decentralized system of branded chartered branch offices, the systems of support are member/depositor driven. The focus of the economic system is to eliminate poverty and support sustainable social and economic development within each county, state, and nation.